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Boek: Inkjet Printing on Fabric by Wendy Cotterill


Boek: Inkjet Printing on Fabric

Inkjet printing on fabric is a highly popular technique, due
not least to the accessibility of the basic materials:
desktop PCs and printers. There is strong interest from
both textile artists and creative quilters, but the technical
equipment can be an obstacle for many practitioners who
have little or no IT skills. Inkjet Printing on Fabric will
address these issues, and will guide textile practitioners
to become confident textile printers, teaching them how
to use their IT equipment as a printing tool as well as a
design tool. Much of the work featured in this book
requires no in-depth specialist skills and highlights taking
an experimental approach to using desktop technology,
including step-by-step digital imaging techniques, and a
demonstration of the use of specialist printing papers and

About Wendy Cotterill

After 12 years in the fashion industry as a designer and
pattern cutter, and then as a tutor on fashion subjects,
Wendy Cotterill developed an interest in broader textilesrelated
subjects. She is now a teacher of textile art and
exhibits her successful experimental work.

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Edition: BC Paperback

ISBN 13/EAN: 9781408191903
Size: 189x246 mm
Illustrations: 150
Pages: 112

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